Sustainability Reporting Assurance

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Why Sustainability Reporting Assurance?

The production of the Sustainability Report is a step in fulfilling an organisation’s accountability to its internal and external stakeholders, however without the proper internal controls for the underlying information system and assurance of the information contained in the reports, the quality of the information cannot be gauged. Assurance of these reports could ensure transparency, reliability and impartial reporting which balances both the negative as well as the positive impacts of organisational activities.

SR Asia is licensed and authorized for third party /independent sustainability assurance services of AA1000.

Basic Assurance Service

This is ideal for those who are making public social and environmental statements or undertaking external assurance for the first time. Its primary objectives are to evaluate your report against the AA1000 Accountability Principles of Inclusivity, Materiality and Responsiveness, and to ensure the accuracy of the chosen scope of reporting through independent review.

AA1000  Assurance Certificate

These options are ideal for organizations that already have a history of issuing social and environmental reports. You are ready to provide further assurance of the completeness of scope of your reports in addition to certifying the processes through which they have been compiled.


Gap analysis only – AA1000  is performed at any time as a stand-alone gap analysis, this option will result in an Internal Management Report but not an Assurance Statement

End of reporting cycle – most assurance is performed once the report has been written in draft form and before publication

Throughout reporting cycle – for organizations with well-embedded systems, the assurance process can be planned to take place at various stages throughout the reporting cycle to enable the evaluation of specific reporting events . 

Increase stakeholder confidence and send a strong signal to the marketplace about your organization’s commitment to corporate responsibility.