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SR Asia Network is a voluntary networking organization at the international level in Asia, whose members are the individuals and organizations. The organization members must be originally established, affiliated and operated in the Asian countries. 


The members must develop their interests and competencies in sustainability-related fields, such as:

1.Sustainability education.

2.Sustainability management.

3.Sustainability advocacies, public policies and Asian sustainability issues.

4.Implementation of sustainability-related issues at practical level, namely green building, community development, environmental protection, renewable energy, human rights, etc.


At the international level, only one organization member from each country act as the SR Asia country coordinator, which must:

1.Establish SR Asia Regional Office.

2.Appoint Regional Director.

3.Create, develop and coordinate SR Asia network in the country.

4.Organize resources utilization for SR Asia network activities in the country.



1. Intangible values and image from the global network.

2. Opportunity to market your works, achievements and competencies at national and international level in Asia.

3. Privilege to have discounted rates and priority to register for SR Asia activities, i.e. conferences, seminars, symposiums, awarding, etc.

4. Development opportunities through its Chartered Program and other workshop programs. 

5. Opportunity to get involved in SR Asia events, as an organizer or participant, at national an  international level.

6. Opportunity to share and gather ideas / knowledge among the members at national and international level in Asia.

7. Opportunity to get access to sustainability efforts, including research activities, among the SR Asia members in Asia.

8. Opportunity to get resources for your sustainability efforts, such as the consultants, educators and experts.

9. Opportunity to contribute to global sustainability initiatives at national and international level in Asia.