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SR Asia is a professional network of SR professionals based out of Asia,  creating bench marks and new standards in the field of SR. SR Asia is to provide and share SR solutions for shaping the modern day business and political agenda on sustainability and competitiveness. SR Asia is committed to drive the Asian countries through its Scientific Research, subject Competence and Policy level interventions with government and involvement of each and every stake holders to create a sustainable Asia.

SR Asia has launched a Asian Roadmap for a sustainable and competitive enterprise. The roadmap will serves as a set of goals and strategies to integrate social responsibility in daily life/ business practices. The Asian Roadmap for Businesses includes key points on: integrating SR across business functions, respect for human rights, developing employees, preserving the environment, engaging with stakeholders etc and  refers all core subjects of ISO 26000 and in harmony  with UN Global Impact, International treaty, regional treaties and issues

As Asia continent is where most people living with inequality opportunities and access to resources. Many sustainable development issues occurred and becoming major human problems – namely poverty, corruption, gender inequality, unemployment, child labor, forced labor, low literacy rate and access to education, low quality of health and high mortality, and so on. Many initiatives, at global, national and local levels, have been giving efforts and carrying out projects to solve the problems in Asia. Some are successful but many others are still working on the projects.


Having this condition, it seems a synergy among parties working in sustainability areas in Asia should be enacted. The synergy should be made in positive ways of sharing knowledge, resources and other potentials toward sustainable development goals. Moreover, the synergy should generate collaboration among parties to the development of new ideas for sustainable development.


Giving this condition, after the ISO 26000 Workshop carried out by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in 2011, some people initiated the Social Responsibility Asia Network or “SR Asia” with a vision of “to be a networking organization that contributes to development of a sustainable Asia”. SR Asia is a global voluntary collaboration among individuals and organizations in various Asian countries to promote social responsibility concept, principles and issues in Asia. The activities of SR Asia focus on two major operational framework: (1) innovation development and (2) knowledge management.