SR Asia 2nd national Conference on Socially Responsible Products and Services for sustainability on 17th January 2013 Dhaka, Bangladesh

17 Jan - 17 Jan 2013
BEF Auditorium

SR Asia 2nd national Conference on Socially Responsible Products and Services for sustainability on 17th January 2013 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Conference Theme
Socially Responsible (SR) products and services have always been in demands from developed world. SR products complies to quality norms, occupational health and safety standards and are environmental friendly inclusive of sustainability. Bangladesh is a rural economy and within this we have to address how we can appropriately address social responsibility in the existing economy and the future initiatives as of industrialized country.

For long now the export quality of products are produced in Bangladesh but domestic access is very limited. In the 21st century we continue to face challenges of best work practices, health and safety, governance, human rights and SR Products and services etc. The corporate in Bangladesh has a very important role to display and demonstrate the care for the consumer and society they operate and some corporate have done wonderful work in this domain but much more is needed for both (buyer and seller).

The world is facing crunch of resources of all be it energy, water or any materials. The eco system is imbalanced due to the very ignorance of polices and product we consume and dispose. The awareness level among corporate and people needs to be enhanced. The time has come to awaken our self and think of better world, society and environment we live.The experts will deliberate the role of corporate world how they can and shall make business inclusive of society and sustainability.

Conference Objective:

·Promote social responsibility in Bangladesh.

·Establish a relationship of SR in trade facilitation and development within region and beyond Asia.

·Promote socially responsibility Products.

·(Product -safe to use, healthy and environmental friendly and products in following good manufacturing practices)

·Promote Productivity with responsibility.

·Linking and establishing Socially Responsible Products to Sustainability.

·Address Issues related to 3P, People, planet and Profit

·Create knowledge pool and repository for future

·Exhibit /Showcase Companies following best practices in the CSR/SR domain.


Why should you attend?

·To find out how socially responsible products will lead to the sustainability.

·How SR (Social Responsible) product can increase your companies productivity.

·How embedding “SR” into you brand can work for trade regionally and internationally.

·Learn how to develop and execute a CSR strategy in your company

·Explore the latest CSR programs from around the world

·Share the region’s best practice case studies in CSR

·Network with visionary socially responsible leaders from around the region

Who should attend?

·CEO s, Directors, and Managers of leading companies in the financial, Manufacturing, Trading, ICT, and Service sectors

·Marketing, Corporate Communications, PR.

·Academicians, Researchers, students and Activists in the fields of CSR, Environment, Community Development, and Related Fields

·Companies, NGOs and government agencies.