Awareness Campaign on Road Safety and Sanitation 17 June to 10 August 2017

17 Jun - 12 Aug 2017

Awareness Campaign on Road Safety and Sanitation 17 June to 10 August 2017

SR Asia started off a two months Saturday weekend evening campaign on “ Traffic safety and Sanitation” at India Gate New Delhi India. The program approach is to reach out to the maximum numbers of peoples visiting to the India gate and connecting with them on issues of road /traffic safety and sanitation in the area.  India gate lies in the high security zone, next to the President of India house and in the inner circle of other government secretariat buildings. The Delhi municipal corporation is responsible for maintaining in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation including the landscaping and beatification etc.

This has been found that people visiting to the area have nice time in the evening with families and groups in the large gardens and lawns around the vijaypath and surrounding areas of India Gate. People /and families have their brunch or various kind of foods available along the road side. This has also been notices that visitors park their vehicles along the road side and cycles and battery driven bicycles are available for kids to drive on the area. The authorised or unauthorised vendors of foodies like ice-creams, fast food and drinks etc park their trolley any where they like deemed fit along with the parked vehicles, auto rickshaws and cycles , motor cycles pose a grave threat to the visitors and particularly to the children’s and old ages peoples.

SR Asia organised this event  with its company team members and volunteers using various means like banner display, exhibits and play cards, The march-past was organised from India gate- Jawan Jyoti to Janpath Crossing ( at vijay path). In the process many people joined the movements and shared their support joining SR Asia team to walk through the area and encouraging  other and more volunteers to join-in. Other means to reach out to the people was one is to one interaction on the subject and group discussion.  Interviews of the man, women and children’s revealed that a lot is required to improve upon the basic road safety, security and hygiene around the most important and iconic /historical area. Peoples were also wondering the absence of the Government of India program “ Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan” in the area as regular peoples visiting the areas for years don’t see and find any changes too.


Some of the key solutions and suggestions people provided that rules are flouted and the absence of agency in the area is visible. The rules and regulation needs to be checked in so that people abide by the same and those fluting the rules are severely punished. Mostly feels that awareness is fully there but government agencies must come forth and monitor and keep the check on the violations. This series of awareness campaign will continue to bring the attentions of the peoples involvement and bringing the agencies on one platform to make the India gate free from Waste, litter and safety hazards.