National Seminar on “CSR – Present Status of Bangladesh & Way Forward”

13 May - 13 May 2017
BEF Auditorium

National Seminar on “CSR – Present Status of Bangladesh & Way Forward”

Introduction 17 Goals to Transform Our World - 2016 brought an unprecedented opportunity to bring the countries and citizens of the world together to embark on a new path to improve the lives of people everywhere. Countries have adopted a new sustainable development agenda and global agreement on climate change. Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia) promotes the latest initiatives, interventions and innovations in sustainability and social responsibility. It covers a wide range of issues, e.g. community development, labor practices, consumer issues, governance, environment, climate change and biodiversity, renewable energy, and sustainability reporting. SR Asia Bangladesh is working on CSR since 2012 in association with different ministries, regulator and business association. Knowing the need, SR Asia is going to organize a seminar on “CSR – Present Status of Bangladesh & Way Forward” on 13th May 2017, Dhaka Bangladesh.

CSR concepts and practices in Bangladesh have a long history of philanthropic activities from time immemorial. Till now, most of the businesses in Bangladesh are family owned and first generation businesses. They are involved in community development work in the form of charity without having any definite policy regarding the expenses or any concrete motive regarding financial gains in many instances. Moreover, most of the SMEs fall under the informal sector having low management structure and resources to address the social and environmental issues. These limitations drive the top management of local companies to think only about the profit maximization rather than doing business considering the triple bottom line: profit, planet and people.

Ministry of Finance has received inputs from all ministries, business association and policy research institute to prepare a draft guideline on CSR in Bangladesh. Very soon Government of Bangladesh is going to create a national council to finalize the CSR Policy. This is the high time to support government for preparing a concrete guideline on CSR. 

Objective of the Conference: In order to understand the role of Government in national development agenda, process model from inception of the programme to the implementation and evaluation methodology of projects, challenges to a national voluntary CSR Guideline, SR Asia is organizing the national seminar on 13th May 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The objectives of the seminar are:

1. Present scenario regarding concept of CSR in Bangladesh

2. Identify the gaps and possible solution to implement CSR in business.

3. Identify global and regional challenges to implement CSR.

4. Ambitious new global development agenda, SDGs would make any difference in national context.

5. Collective action plan for greater good in environment, social and governance

6. Promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the common objectives.

7. Promote trends and practices in sustainability, such as SMEs and community development, green productivity, new and renewable energy, and environmental conservation.

8. Establish and strengthening collaboration among the stakeholders in promoting and 


Conference Outcome: ? Recommendations for National Council to develop National CSR Guideline. ? Sustainable Development policies, measures, and methodologies, with recommendations for what gaps in tools and measures need to be filled over time. ? Next step recommendations for applying the recommendations to national work, including scoping studies and innovative projects and products. ? Inputs for the Green economy to the stakeholders. ? Recommendations for related programmes supported by Government, Regulators, International Agencies and corporate.


Target Participants: ? Policy Makers, Academia and Non-government agencies ? Central Banks, public and private sectors banks ? Technical government focal points for CSR policy-making. ? Resource experts. ? Industry and Business Support organisations