Train the Trainer Program on Sustainable Development Goals

09 Dec - 09 Dec 2016

Train the Trainer Program on Sustainable Development Goals

We are at the cusp of significant changes in both thinking and delivering 'international assistance' as a result of the new set of targets known as the Sustainable Development Goals. With reference to case studies, this course explores the consequences of the changes ahead by looking in turn at the criteria and targets set for each goal, what they mean for policy makers, and for individual countries how the successes and failures of the new targets are determined.



Objectives of Community training on “ Sustainable Development Goals are:

·         To enhance the capacity and skills of community members for identifying their Common issues and develop resource mapping.

·         To enhance the capacity and skills of Community Resource Persons (CRPs), members of community organizations and of Village Organizations (VOs) in understanding SDGs-Framework.

·         To understand SDGs targets with goals and major activities to link with Institutional development.


Specific Objectives


·         Orientation on SDGs;

·         Capacity building of COs/VOs members on  SDGs in special contexts of Pakistan and Province;

·         Develop a cadre of trainers in order to replicate the same in other institutions;

·         These training will have specific outcomes and are designed as per local government and elected representative contexts;

·         Prepare action plan regarding achievements of SDGs;


Training Methodology:


During training sessions the following Methodologies will be adopted

·         Discussion

·         Question and answer

·         Brain storming

·         Role play

·         Ice breaker and energizers

·         Group work

·         Experience sharing


·         Simulation exercises