SR Asia 1st national conference on creating buying for socially responsible products and services 17 May, 2012 Dhaka Bangladesh

17 May - 17 May 2012

SR Asia 1st national conference on creating buying for socially responsible products and services 17 May, 2012 Dhaka Bangladesh

Conference Theme: The greening of corporate Asia will add a new and different type of criterion to some organizational buying decisions-social responsibility. Societies and Scholars have given little attention to such non economic buying criteria due to the continued buying of products through attractive aids and media buying. On the basis of a study of 35 buying processes in ten organizations and an in-depth examination of 21 of those processes, the Conference will  addresses how and why socially responsible buying comes about in organizations. The findings suggest that two factors have been key to the success of socially responsible buying initiatives. It is multidimensional however one factor is the presence of a skilful policy entrepreneur. Policy entrepreneurs are found to have many of the same characteristics as business entrepreneurs, but invest their resources in instituting new organizational policies. The quest for socially responsible buying is rooted in a commitment based on a complex and often difficult process of moral reasoning etc. The second factor influencing the success of socially responsible buying is the organizational context within which policy entrepreneurs operate and society they serve. Through this conference expert will deliberate how corporate strategy and further framework is necessary to offer socially responsible products and services for sustainable business


Why should you attend?


a)       To find out how socially responsible products will lead to the sustainability.

b)       How SR (Social Responsible) product can increase your companies productivity.

c)        How embedding “SR” into you brand can work for trade regionally and internationally.

d)       Learn how to develop and execute a CSR strategy in your company

e)       Explore the latest CSR programs from around the world

f)        Share the region’s best practice case studies in CSR

g)       Network with visionary socially responsible leaders from around the region


Conference Objective

The SR Asia Bangladesh through this seminar:

a)       Promote social responsibility in Bangladesh

b)       Establish a relationship  of SR in trade facilitation and development within region and beyond Asia

c)        Promote Socially responsibility Products

(Product safe to use, healthy and environmental friendly and products in following good manufacturing practices)

d)       Promote Productivity with responsibility

e)       Linking and establishing Socially Responsible Products to Sustainability

f)        Address Issues related to 3P, People, planet and Profit

g)       Create knowledge pool and repository for future

h)       Socially Responsibility is everybody duty, might not be a legal binding but a necessity for binding the human with human and to the healthy eco system

i)         Exhibit /Showcase Companies following best practices in the CSR/SR domain




Who should attend?

a)       CEO s, Directors, and Managers of leading companies in the financial, Manufacturing, Trading, ICT, and Service sectors

b)       Marketing, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, and Business Development Managers of socially responsible companies

c)        Academics, Researchers, and Activists in the fields of CSR, Environment, Community Development, and Related Fields

d)       Companies, NGOs and government agencies.


Target Beneficiary

a)       National Productivity Organization, Ministry of Industries

b)       RMG Sector

c)        Pharmaceutical

d)       Local Chambers

e)       EPB (Export Promotion Bureau, Bangladesh)