Strategic Partners



SR Asia may cooperate with NPO and APO on regular basis and identify what potential areas SR Asia shall eye on. For example ask for some experts to speak at a conference, networking with government and businessman, etc.


Networking with Local and International Agency


SR Asia establishes networking with international agencies including but not limited to:

·         United Nations (all related UN agencies, such as UNIDO, UNEP, UNICEF, etc)

·         World Bank

·         Asian Development Bank (ADB)

·         International Monetary Fund (IMF)

·         World Economic forum

·         Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

·         International Standard Organization (ISO)

·         Amnesty International

·         International Labor Organization (ILO)


Networking with sustainability-related local agencies shall be initiated to create better potentials for promoting sustainability and SR Asia.


Cooperation with the Agencies may be in form of;

·         Joint research projects

·         Ad-hoc or short term programs on sustainability issues

·         Medium and long-term programs on sustainability issues

·         Campaign on sustainability issues