Country Report

 CSR - Reporting and disclosure

By disclosing social, environmental and governance information, enterprises often find that they can better identify and manage issues that influence their business success.


Good disclosure of non-financial information enables investors to contribute to a more efficient allocation of capital and better achieve longer-term investment goals.
It can also help to make enterprises more accountable and contribute to higher levels of citizen trust in business.


Country Specific Recommendations

 The 2013 European Semester is in full swing. The Commission published the country-specific recommendations for each Member State, along with an overarching communication pdf - 351 KB [351 KB] on what is needed to return to growth and jobs. The recommendations are based on a thorough assessment of every Member State's plans for sound public finances (Stability or Convergence Programmes, or SCPs) and policy measures to boost growth and jobs (National Reform Programmes, or NRPs)