E-learning Training Program on ISO 26000:2010

Assigning to the SR Asia as an expert organization for APO Project: Self-learning e-Course on ISO 26000:2010-Guidance on Social Responsibility for preparation of course modules with explanatory notes.


The  assignment consists of:

1) Having consultative meetings with the APO to understand the requirements of the self-ieaming e-course;

2) Compiling and developing course modules, quizzes, and final exam for the basic course mainly focusing on ISO 26000:2010 - Guidance on Social Responsibility as per attached Project Implementation Plan;

3) Working closely with the APO Secretariat in finalizing the overall course structure and modules; and

4) Submitting the soft and hard copies of modules, quizzes, and final exam within 45 days of issuance of this letter of assignment.



SR prepared the course in Seven Module with the Quizzes as desired during the study and final examination paper.  The E-learning material was delivered to the APO on time and we are told that more than eighty countries participants applied for this program and more than four thousands successfully completed the same.