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 The ISO 26000 CSR guide takes you by the hand to apply in your company according to ISO 26000. CSR in a structural way The tool is designed for the larger SMEs that want to work with (parts of) CSR.


The CSR signpost ISO 26000 ensures that the ISO 26000 Directive readable and useful for SMEs. The guide shares the directive in four parts: - What are my principles for the implementation of CSR? - Who are my stakeholders and how to involve them? - What are the CSR issues and which have priority for me? - How do I integrate CSR in my business?

Per share is expected that ISO 26000 by enterprises, including tips to put it to get started. The guide also helps determine which CSR issues have priority for the company. Visit the CSR signpost ISO 26000


CSR scan ISO 26000

See also the corresponding CSR scan ISO 26000 which clearly how you score on the above parts of the Directive.



Both the guide and the scan are free.

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