Assit in preparing Code of Conduct

  It is important to all members of SR Asia to follow the organization’s Code of Conduct, as follow;


1)       Respect social responsibility principles and contribute to sustainable development.


2)       Have respect for the law and the system of SR Asia under which they carry out their duties of membership.


3)       Perform duties with professionalism, objectivity, honesty, integrity and compassion, and in the best interests of the people who access the services of SR Asia.


4)       Show respect for all persons (clients, colleagues and members of the public) and their rights and cultures.


5)  Observe fairness and equity in all official dealings with the public and with other sector employees.


6)       Avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest.


7)       Ensure the proper use of official information.


8)       Maintain proper standards of confidentiality when considering making public comment.


9)       Ensure the efficient and effective use of public resources in the public interest.


10)    Report suspected corrupt behavior by other members.