SR Asia Bangladesh supports Vision 2020 South Asia Project as Knowledge Partner

SR Asia Bangladesh supports Vision 2020 South Asia Project as Knowledge Partner to the Seminar on “UN's SDG implementation and career awareness campaign with youths in Feni, Bangladesh” 17th November 2017



Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia) Bangladesh supported as Knowledge Partner to a special seminar organized for the first time by the Vision 2020 South Asia Project in Feni District for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, and for carrier awareness of youth, during the 10th morning on Friday (17th November) in the city. This seminar was held at the auditorium of Selim Al Deen. The Chief Guest of the program was Vision 2020, South Asia's Chief Executive Director Jimmy Majumder. Presided over by Feni Director Leader Forekan Hossain Arman, the program was attended by more than one and a half hundred students from different educational institutions including project members. The seminar was completed in collaboration with USAID and SR Asia Bangladesh. Chief guest Jimmy Majumdar said, "We are capacitating 5000 skilled youth by 2020 and self-reliant Bangladesh will be honored and present Bangladesh to the world. Besides, he said the youth will play special role in the improvement of agriculture by bringing farmers' micro-credit project under the 'A-card' and cooperating with USAID and making them aware about the social values of youths in collaboration with SR Asia Bangladesh. Vision 2020 South Asia project is working to build a self-reliant Bangladesh by utilizing youth power. They believe that this skilled youth will lead Bangladesh and South Asia in 2020.