MoU signed with PG Govt College Rishikesh Uttarakhand to promote CSR and SD 17 Oct 2016

Highlights of MoU

Coordination and Contact Points

a.       a. College for development of content, and jointly organize workshops to realize the broad CSR goals of reaching sustainability

b.     b.  SR Asia for all operational matters which includes provisioning of finances, and project hand holding.


Now this Memorandum of Understanding witnesses that:

It is proposed to start the following activities under sustainable development-

  1. Series of Training/ capacity building workshops related to CSR, Sustainability and Sustainable Development for the Government, Government Organizations, PSUs, Corporate and NGO Sector. Pt. Lalit Mohan Sharma Government Autonomous Post Graduate College and SR Asia can jointly initiate workshops on CSR for Schools, Colleges, Young Professionals and NGOs. The content can be developed jointly and both organisations can spread the word in their networks.
  2. Training on Sustainability Reporting and Assurance Services (AA1000AS)
  3. Project implementation,
  4. Baseline, Need Assessment, EIA (Environment Impact Assessment )and M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation)
  5. SR Asia in partnership mode will organise series of National and International Workshops,
  6. Management Development Programmes (MDPs) on Sustainability, CSR, Sustainable Development, Corporate Ethics, CSR implementation
  7. CSR, Sustainability and Sustainable development events etc.
  8. College will promote SR Asia as the partner for CSR implementation.
  9. Any other initiative which would work for strengthening of both the organization’s vision and objectives could be taken up based on mutual consent and discussion.


Other Areas of Consensus  


a.      To ensure the Sustainable Growth of Pt. Lalit Mohan Sharma Government Autonomous Post Graduate College and SR Asia.

b.      Communication between the College and SR Asia shall be in English

c.      There should be proper linkage of website and logo sharing of College and SR Asia respectively.

d.      The Pt. Lalit Mohan Sharma Government Autonomous Post Graduate College and SR Asia agree to exercise reasonable care to safeguard interest of each other, to maintain confidentiality regarding the Proprietary information and to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure thereof by them or any other person.

·         Both the Parties can share their data bank (within themselves) for better operations and larger dissemination of information to the beneficiaries in civil society (on above mentioned activities), but shall not share the same to any third party.

·         Any Assignment / Project / Activity / Concept Notes / will not  be shared or disclosed until it commences.

·         Materials having Copyright of either party's shall be used and utilized with both parties consent.


·         The ongoing Activities details will exhaustively be shared in both parties respective website with same verbatim and same to be communicated to the service takers at same version. For better results College & SR Asia should speak in same line of action.