Seminar on SDGs for Organisational Excellence -2nd October 2016


Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia) Bangladesh and National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh Govt. jointly organized a seminar on “SDGs & Productivity for Organizational Excellence.  2nd October is  National Productivity Day  declared by H.E Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.  More than seventy industries form different sectors  were part of the seminar.



Mr. Ajit Kupar Paul, Director, NPO, Ministry of Industries was the chair and moderated by Ms. Sumaya Rashid, Country Director, SR Asia Bangladesh. Dr. Mahfuzul Haque, Former Secretary, Ministry of L & E and Dr. Nazrul Islam, Former Director, NPO were special guest at the desk


group pic

Mr. Ajit Kumar Paul said that productivity is a continuous evolving process but Bangladesh  need to acquire and use modern technology available in the  global business competitiveness scenario to  grab the opportunities available to us.

Dr. Mahfuzul Haque talked about decent works and labour working conditions in Bangladeshi factories.He statedthat during his tenure as Secretary of ministry of labour and employment (MLE), Govt of Bangladesh he tried to improve the standard of working environment of labour to increase productivity. Two sectors where  MLE focused on  priority were Tea Sector and  Ship Breaking Industry. Now as the information available the Govt. is working with other sectors as well which are Garments, Leather etc. in association with different international and national agencies and the progress is worthy to note. The affords shall be continued and more vigorous with the help of knowledge available now to attain international productivity benchmarks.


Dr. Nazrul Islam shared that organizations need to differentiate Production and Productivity. Production alone can’t bring the competitiveness as and an holistic approach is required to address the organizational productivity.  .


Ms. Sumaya Rashid quoted " No one is left behind"  & presented SDGs ( Global Goals 2030) and its correlation to new and emerging business opportunities. Providing an overview of SDGs 17 goals and 169 targets, she discussed framework at national and local government levels.  She said, SDGs can be mapped and implemented by any organizations  as well which will definitely lead to  productivity improvement.  A brief information on  SDG. Compass was shared,which is a tool available for the organization’s  to assess themselves the applicable goals and right priorities.  " No one is left behind" she shared is very inspirational and has a very high positive impact on the stakeholders (shareholders, employees, society around, value chain) and therefore the organisations shall embrace and live with this this beautiful concept for attaining high productivity and business sustainability. As in Bangladesh social and economic inequalities are wide and is very much in public domain, private sector has a chance for promoting and communicating thier core value system that "no one is left behind" in the process of organisational growth which will infuse phenomenal energy, maximum participation from everyone, positive thoughts and  an eco system for higher performances / higher productivity.


Other speakers  Mr. T. I. M. Rawshan Zadeed from IFIC Bank  and Mr. Joyanta  Bardan from  CP Bangladesh shared rich experiences of  productivity in Banking Sector and private sector respectively.