Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress

Date : 12th April, 2015

For the success of our Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at ISBT, Anand Vihar, today before starting cleaning process at UP Roadways Bus Driver-Conductor Resting Site inside the ISBT which was cleaned by our team on the last Sunday, we met the UP Roadways officials available at ISBT.  We reminded those officials about our earlier requests for looking into the pitiable conditions of the Resting Site and also apprised them about our cleaning activities performed by us on the preceding Sunday.  These officials felt ashamed.  Then on our request they went with us to the Resting Site for a view.  They appreciated our work as the site was cleaner in comparison to the earlier one.  On our request, they promised for putting switch boards, tube-lights/water tabs on the available points.  After discussion, with a few available volunteers, we started our cleaning mission and nearly within two hours the whole Resting Site was giving a better view.  The activities undertaken by us are photographed as under:


After cleaning the Resting Site, we further interacted with some of the stakeholders like persons managing public toilets, police officials, JE etc.  The point of discussion/request with these stakeholders is tabulated below:



Point of discussion/request

Persons managing public toilets at ISBT

Not to overcharge from visitors using public toilets and keep clean their respective areas.

Police officials at ISBT

To cooperate us in implementation of rules & regulations relating to food safety etc. and also discouraging the overcharging from the public toilet users.


For betterment of ISBT services.

Officials of UP Roadways, ISBT

For betterment of UP Roadways Bus Driver-Conductor Resting Site