Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress - Swachh Bharat Mission ISBT 23rd October 2014



Swachh Bharat Mission ISBT 23rd October 2014

 Today new initiative  was to " CLEAN THE TAP WATER SUPPLY"


Today team did a ground work  at ISBT Anand Vihar New Delhi India.


The broom work at ground zero with cleaning 2 platform took place.


One of the best moment of the day was to clean the  Tap water supply which was new today. The surrounding was so dirty and perhaps never cleaned from the day of installation. Next week the team want to carry flexible PVC water pipe  length 10 meter to clean the area properly so that the area is fully cleaned and made attractive to all for drinking. The water cooler is installed but in a pathetic condition.


We also had informal discussion with the SHOP owners for taking up responsibility for collecting waste generously  and make ISBT Anand Vihar neat and clean. We shared with them about more than 70% waste generation due to them alone. We also indicated their extra encroachment to the area which is hampering clean drive.


Unauthorized sellers were caught who contribute to waste  disposal here and there. The team caught some of them and handed over to police for advising not to dispose waste in and around everywhere.  


The team had interaction with about 50 numbers  shop owners and passengers and found all of them upbeat about our initiative.


Thank you team and all stakeholders for the energy and support.

 Next event to take place on 30th November 2014.

Some of the best moment of the event ,, Before and After

Next event to take place on 30th November 2014.


Catching moments of the day inspiring picture