Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress - Report Dated 28/12/2014

As part of Cleanness motto, today we reached ISBT, Anand Vihar New Delhi at 9

AM and interviewed the various stakeholders like shop owners, passengers, bus drivers, conductors.  Today we have seen a very positive impact of our cleanliness drive.  Floor of a large number of shops was very clean and on seeing us, some of the shopkeepers started to clean the floor and  covering the eateries. However, some of the persons working at shops were hiding from interview fearing that their shop owners will fire them from services. 

The photos and videos were taken right from the entry gate, all pavements, roads and corners. It has been found that the sewer line is repaired half and left open which is leading to the sewer line spillage all around next adjecent   to the entry gate. The dirty water is creating all nuisances i.e. contamination to the land, bad smell,  breeding of mosquitos etc. which may lead to diseases.


 On one side of the walls, the digging is taking place for laying electric cable, as we told.  As a result of this, the soil and mud spillages along and the on road which pollutes the environment in the form of dust when buses plight from these roads.


 We spoke to the safai karamcharis and they are very excited about our initiatives. We appreciated group of the safai karamcharis for their increasing role in keeping the toilets clean and washing the entry and surroundings. The safai karmacharries told us their official problems which are pressing and of different kinds.   As these problems do not directly fall within the focus of clean India mission,  we only heard and did not respond. 

In continuation of our last week initiative of feedback from the shopkeepers and shop employees about our initiative and its impact, we noticed that some shop owners were candid and expressed the positive impact and some were still indifferent by keeping and engaging us in other issues to  divert the focus. Employees at the shops in general were scared to talk openly about the cleaning in general.

As we approached towards the parking side of the ISBT, we met a group of drivers and conductors of UP Roadways. This group was very upset with the way their toilet and rest room is maintained. For reality check, we visited the rest room and toilet and found the same filthy and in pathetic condition. We have taken some photographs and videos of the rest room, toilet and surroundings.  We found out that not only the facility is full of filth but the surrounding is equally horrible. One can find open defecations and urinating everyone out there. We also found that the garbage collected inside ISBT is dumped about 50 meters from the facility and next to the road. The poor rag pickers (old women)  were found segregating garbage for their livelihood which we do not know whether they are assigned this work by the concerned authority/agency or are doing this work voluntarily for their livelihood. Overall, this exercise was an eye-opener of the facilities (rest room, toilets and UP Roadways parking) inside ISBT.  


 The cleanliness overall in the ISBT is not only poor but horribly maintained. This is yet to be seen who is responsible and accountable for such an outright ill-governance.


The team in the subsequent visit plan to meet the officials of the concerned authority and also write for the appropriate support.