Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress - Report : 4th January, 2015

Date : 4th January, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to all,

          Keeping the continuity of cleanliness journey started since October, 2014 at Anand Vihar ISBT by the members of SR Asia, Karmchari Kalyan Samiti and volunteers, today our team reached ISBT, Anand Vihar at 8 AM and worked there till 10 AM.  During this visit, we exchanged New Year wishes with the shopkeepers, hawkers, Safai Karmcharies, policemen, drivers, conductors and the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation officers, posted at ISBT.  We visited all the platforms of ISBT, JAN SAUCHALAYAS, and sites of bus parking as well as rest rooms allotted to Uttar Pradesh/Uttarkhand Transport and also interacted with all the stakeholders.  


          In our visit, we noticed that a large number of shopkeepers were happily cleaning not only their shop areas but also the surroundings of their shops.  In some of the shops, the eateries were also covered with transparent cloth in order to avoid dust/mosquitoes etc. We also found dustbins placed in some of the shops.  Besides this, the safai karmcharies were cleaning some of the public utilities (JAN SAUCHALAYAS).  


          Seeing the above activities, our team was extremely happy and got motivation, as the tree that we put by cleaning platforms, sweeping bus parking areas, picking up the garbage (MALBA) with our hands and humbly requesting the shopkeepers, safai karmacharies visitors etc. to clean their surroundings & cover the eateries wit transparent cloth, has started to give fruits and our dream of SWACH ANAND VIHAR ISBT was appearing to come true.


          Besides above, we also noticed that some of the shopkeepers, after cleaning their shop areas, had put that garbage on the bus parking areas near their shops.  We felt that such an act has been done by them inadvertently and due to lack of hygienic knowledge.  We requested them not to do this and also told them about the ill-effects of unhygienic surroundings.  We also counseled them to treat whole of the ISBT & surroundings as their personal property and clean & take care of the same with the feeling of VASUDHEV KUTUMBAKAM i.e. whole earth is like our family.  On listening us, not only the shopkeepers but also the visitors felt very happy and promised us to keep their surroundings neat and clean.  Such an act inspired us to do more.


          Near the shops, we noticed that the dustbins were without lids and some of them were put near the drinking water places/eateries.  We requested the shopkeepers to have the dustbins with lid only and keep them away from drinking water places/eateries as the dustbins without lid/dustbins near eateries, are very unhygienic and do not attract the good customers. We got an assurance from the shopkeepers for improvement in this regard.


          Our team further moved to the Bus Parking site and rest room allotted to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Roadways.  This site was also visited earlier by our team on 28th December, 2014 and we found the condition of this place from bad to worse.  The condition was so depleted that even animals could not stay there and it was pathetic to see that the bus drivers and conductors were expected to rest in such a place.  A few photographs of this place have been taken by our team, which will be uploaded very shortly.  Feeling the pain of this situation, we met the Uttar Pradesh Transport officials, posted at Anand Vihar ISBT and requested them to take some action.  These officers have shown us copies of the letters written by them to their authorities in this regard.  We too have taken the scanned copies of these letters and are planning to take up this issue with the higher and appropriate authorities for redressal.


          To sum up, this noble task of cleanliness is taking us near not only to the cleanliness but also to the humanity & welfare of people and we hope that this will leave a great impact on our generations to come.