Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress - 18 Jan 2015

  Unfortunately, we have not confronted strongly with them because it is their livelihood issue & will take time to change their habits and again we requested them for doing the needful. 


We also met the officials of UP & Uttarakhand Roadways posted at ISBT Anand Vihar.  They wanted to pass the bucks to the safai karmacharis for their inefficient services but we requested them for their voluntary participation being responsible citizens.  We requested them that they should keep cleanliness atleast inside their offices and peripheral areas.  

We shared our ongoing Swachh Bharat Abhiyan with Mr. Ajay Kumar, ASI, Incharge of Delhi Police at Anand Vihar ISBT and informed him about our plan of all stakeholders’ meet through which we will seek actionable suggestions, specifically what we, individually, can contribute to make the Swachh ISBT Anand Vihar.   He was happy with the initiative and agreed to join with us alongwith his few seniors and peers in the meeting.

We also met two other enthusiastic and volunteer shop-owners who agreed that they will talk their trade partners and will call them for the proposed stakeholders meeting.    

We all know that persuasions and requests take time in achieving the goals in comparison to passing of orders and force, but the impact of the true persuasions and requests leaves an unforgettable & indelible impact on generations to come and sooner or later gives the better & more desired results for a very long time in comparison to passing of orders & force.  This is evident from the fact that Mahatma Gandhi Ji, with his persuasion and honesty, attracted the masses for independence and ultimately we got the Independence which was beyond imagination at that time.  Keeping this in our mind and heart, we are continuously making efforts for Swachh ISBT Anand Vihar.