Stakeholder Survey on Poverty alleviation through Corporate Social Responsibility

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In the 21st century, the potential contribution of corporations to a large number of societal issues has received increasing attention and controversy.  This also applies to arguably the biggest global challenge of the moment: alleviating poverty. Until recently, the issue of poverty was largely ignored in management theory and practice (Jain, Vachani, 2006). There are at least three reasons for this. Firstly, because poor people operate in the informal economy and have limited buying power. Secondly, the definition of poverty itself is complex. Do we consider absolute or relative poverty for instance? What about ‘working poor’? Thirdly, the issue of poverty has many ‘issue owners’ and it is extremely hard to identify primary responsibilities. Poverty for some is a macro-economic issue that is related to the growth of economies in general, to others poverty can be directly associated  with the alleged unemployment effects of relocation strategies of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs), whilst again others consider poverty primarily a mental state that can largely be attributed to personal traits and abilities.

Developing country like Bangladesh is not a different case in the global context today. The country as such does not fall in industrialized category however expectation from this sector are rising for addressing poverty alleviation in one way or the other. The survey seeks the critical inputs of Industry on their views and how they can substantiate their affords and actions to improve poverty within your CSR program and approach.